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Fintech One-on-One #414: Devin Miller & Suze Orman of SecureSave

February 18, 2023
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Fintech One-on-One #414: Devin Miller & Suze Orman of SecureSave
Show Notes

This country has a savings problem. We have heard it so many times: the average person cannot afford a $400 emergency expense. While fintech has made some inroads here the problem is worse that it has ever been. What we need is a fintech that is laser-focused on this problem, working to create a simple and effective solution to truly address it.

I am delighted to welcome my next guests on the Fintech One-on-One Podcast. Suze Orman needs no introduction, she has been providing personal finance advice for decades with her own TV show, many bestselling books and more. Devin Miller is the CEO and Co-Founder of SecureSave and he and his co-founder have teamed up with Suze Orman to address the emergency savings problem once and for all.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The sorry state of emergency savings today in the U.S.
  • The founding story of SecureSave.
  • How Suze came to be involved.
  • Why she hates celebrity endorsers and what she is bringing to the table.
  • How she helped the company get to the right product market fit.
  • How SecureSave is actually changing people's savings habits.
  • The level of adoption they are getting with the average company.
  • How people are accessing their emergency savings account.
  • What people are withdrawing money for.
  • Why they focus so much on the emergency part.
  • Why they don't really focus on the demographics of their users.
  • Their vision for the future of SecureSave.

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