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Fintech One-on-One #417: Edward Woodford of Zero Hash

March 04, 2023 Fintech Nexus
Fintech Nexus
Fintech One-on-One #417: Edward Woodford of Zero Hash
Show Notes

The crypto space continues to evolve and grow, despite the challenges of the past nine months. Companies continue to build new infrastructure and products that are being adopted around the world. This work is ongoing and independent of the price of crypto.

My next guest on the Fintech One-on-One podcast is Edward Woodford, the CEO and Co-Founder of Zero Hash. His company provides embedded crypto infrastructure to fintechs and brands, allowing these companies to buy, sell, hold, pay and earn rewards with crypto. They have taken a conservative and compliance-first approach which put them in a good position to weather the crypto storm.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How Edward first became passionate about infrastructure companies.
  • The founding story of Zero Hash.
  • How he describes their core offerings.
  • Where Zero Hash fits in the crypto ecosystem.
  • The breadth of their service offerings.
  • How the money flows through their system.
  • How they navigated the very turbulent last year in crypto.
  • Why it was easy to say no to the products that caused others' downfall.
  • What the crypto industry needs to do to regain the trust it once had.
  • How he views the trend towards embedded finance.
  • How their partnership with Stripe came about.
  • Why interest in crypto has been decoupled from crypto prices.
  • How web3 is going to transform web2 companies.
  • What it will take for crypto to become a mainstream payments mechanism.
  • The crypto use cases Edward is most excited about.
  • What is coming down the pipe at Zero Hash.

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