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Fintech One-on-One: Kevin Coop of DailyPay

September 01, 2023 Fintech Nexus
Fintech Nexus
Fintech One-on-One: Kevin Coop of DailyPay
Show Notes

Why is it that, in 2023, we are still getting paid on a fixed schedule? It seems crazy to me that payroll systems that were built for batch processing on mainframe computers still maintain this batch mindset in a world where everything can be instant. We should be able to choose the exact cadence of when and how we want to be paid.

My next guest on the Fintech One-on-One Podcast is Kevin Coop, the CEO of DailyPay. The team at DailyPay has created the largest Earned Wage Access (EWA) business on the planet where employees of DailyPay customers can get early access to their earned wages whenever they want. This is a huge deal for those people living paycheck to paycheck.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What attracted Kevin to the CEO role at DailyPay.
  • Why we are all still getting paid on these fixed time periods.
  • How DailyPay actually works.
  • What their app shows employees.
  • How often employees access their earned wage before payday.
  • The different features that they provide employees.
  • How they integrate with the employer payroll systems.
  • How these advances are funded.
  • The benefits for employers of adding DailyPay.
  • How DailyPay earns money.
  • How this is improving the financial health of employees.
  • How DailyPay is engaging with regulators at the state and federal level.
  • How they are partnering with the large payroll providers.
  • The different segments that are popular with DailyPay.
  • How Kevin thinks about the competitive moat that DailyPay has built.
  • The impressive scale they are at today.
  • His vision for the future of DailyPay.

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